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signature flavors

Every cake, filling, and finish is made fresh in small batches at Honey & Salt.

We use high quality ingredients, local when possible, and never freeze anything. You won't find any boxes of mix or pre-made fillings in our kitchen. We believe the taste is as important as the design and work extremely hard to perfect our recipes.

Listed below are some of our favorite combinations, but we can always switch things up or create something special for you. 


Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream


lavender fields:

Lemon cake with lavender ganache


Lemon poppyseed cake with lemon curd


high tea:

Earl Grey cake with Earl Grey ganache and honey buttercream


caramel delight:

Vanilla cake with caramel buttercream and caramel crunch



Sprinkle-flecked vanilla cake with chocolate or vanilla sprinkle-flecked buttercream


nice day for a wedding cake:

White chocolate almond cake with raspberry compote

berry good nut:

Pistachio cake with strawberry ganache and bits of pistachio

queen of hearts:

White chocolate raspberry cake with coconut buttercream and raspberry compote

rose colored glasses:

Rose water raspberry cake with white chocolate raspberry buttercream

b&w cookie:

Marble cake with Oreo buttercream

chocolate coma:

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache


Chocolate cake with red chile chocolate ganache and bits of toasted pinon 



Chocolate cake with milk chocolate lavender ganache 



Chocolate cake with toasted coconut buttercream and chocolate ganache 

chocolate by the sea:

Chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream and pretzel crunch


cup of joe:

Chocolate cake with espresso ganache and bits of chocolate covered coffee beans 

red high heels:

Red velvet cake with nutella buttercream